Brambilla is one of the first French companies
      to establish a permanent office in Beijing
                   and gain a foothold in the Chinese provinces.
In 1957, the trading company Brambilla carried out its first operation in China: it successfully took part in the development of a barter deal inwhich French locomotives and trucks were sold in China in exchange for Chinese goods. At that time, Brambilla also found its mission: helping European companies enter the Chinese market and resolve the most arduous problems they meet. Since then, this mission has never stopped being enhanced.

Brambilla was one of the first French companies to open a representative office in Beijing, then in various Chinese provinces. Mr. André Dassori, Brambilla's Chairman, was also one of the founders of the France-China Committee of which he was the Vice-President until 1993.

In the 70s Brambilla started its activity of export agency. It represented nearly one hundred French companies, giving them the chance to access the Chinese market. At the same time, Brambilla developed an import activity for Chinese products towards France.

In 1988, the activities of import and export were dissociated. The export activity and the sales representation business were bought by André Chieng, previously COO of Brambilla, and became the company named AEC (Asiatique Européenne de Commerce). In 1994, André Chieng was appointed Vice-Chairman of the France-China Committee at the death of Andre Dassori who was holding that position.

Since then, with the efforts of André Chieng and of the team he assembled, AEC has developed a service activity directed towards solving the problems faced by European companies in their China strategy, from market and location studies to the search for partners in order to implement creative solutions for cooperation, or the courses of action taken to obtain permits issued by the highest Chinese administrative or political authorities.

Mr André Chieng, President of AEC, and Mr Jiang Zemin, Former President of the People’s Republic of China

The shareholding of the company is currently made up as below :
      André Chieng : 39%
      Groupe CIPAR : 37%
      Bertrand Cristau : 16%
      Groupe CIFAL : 8%

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