Looking for efficiency in the Western world means the quest
      of excellence. In China, more than excellence, we must find the
   right combination of factors. During its long history with China,
           AEC has developed three activities.
Strategic consulting
Economic relations with China have long become more complex than the elementary acts of selling or buying. Investing in China is becoming essential for all multinational companies. But they run into many obstacles: in China, saying we are going to invest billions of dollars is not enough to get the red carpet treatment. AEC combines all facets of its know-how to advise clients and help them develop winning strategies :

»  Knowledge : Thanks to its internal resources and its rich network, AEC has an extensive knowledge of the Chinese decision-making circuits, taking into account the difference between politics and administration, the absolute and the relative, the imperative and the negotiable.

»  Anticipation : this knowledge allows us to anticipate problems that may arise and be prepared to face them. Often, getting around the obstacle is more effective than tackling it head-on. We know how to find bypass ways.

»  Lobbying : A cold analysis of the strengths and weaknesses helps identifying the strong and weak points of the case. Lobbying is the art of highlighting the strengths and erasing the weaknesses. To do this, we must not only convince one or two people but the whole system. AEC has this unique experience.
Sales representation
AEC develops the art of selling and negotiating in China: first analyzing the offer one wants to make, finding the right targets, building the relevant business strategy, finding the appropriate arguments before entering into negotiations. To paraphrase strategist Sunzi: a good negotiation is the one that is won before it has even started.
One must not only know how to sell to China, we must know how to buy. The art of sourcing is made of thousands of contradictions. We must guarantee the required quality while maintaining pressure on prices, be able to threaten the supplier while keeping his confidence, relentlessly ask him for more efforts while fueling inside him the desire to continue working for us. It is by resolving those contradictions that we can reach the ultimate goal: a win-win situation.
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