Some references

1994 : a major manufacturer of automotive equipment was interested in China and decided to settle there. At the time, we had to go through joint ventures to do so. The CEO of the group gave AEC the mission to negotiate 5 JVs in three years. AEC fulfilled its mission.

2004 :  a French group, specialized in providing highly specialized industrial facilities in the Gulf countries, was facing a vigorous international competition. Its technology gave it an advantage largely offset by the high costs of the equipment. In order to restore its competitiveness, the French group gave AEC the mission to seek Chinese manufacturers willing to manufacture the specific equipment of the French group. AEC found them and therefore allowed its client to win contracts for hundreds of million USD in the Gulf.

2009 :  a multinational company leader in its market, with a worldwide presence, was under-represented in China. The group decided to launch an offensive in this country through a policy of acquisitions of local companies. These companies were all small family enterprises proud of their success and not always ready to sell themselves, even to a big international group. With a patient approach and great tact, AEC enabled the group to achieve the acquisition of a first major company in China, paving the way for other future acquisitions.

2010 : a big industrial group, among the world leaders in its specialty, owned an old factory in China. To meet the needs of the Chinese market, it became necessary to modernize and increase the production of this plant. But the investment required for that purpose exceeded one billion USD. Chinese rules stipulate that an investment of that size needs the approval of the State Council. The group gave the mission to AEC which achieved it.
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